Image Submission

Image submission process
The image selection is a long and ongoing process for every volume. Image submission is open for every species listed here, regardless of which volume the species will appear. Participating photographers register via this secure Google Form. Contributing photographer selects the set of potential images of the best quality from his/her portfolio and uploads them to the dedicated shared Dropbox folder created by the editor.

Spotted Sandpiper by Daniel Cadieux on

Spotted Sandpiper by Daniel Cadieux on Image legally was embedded from Daniel Cadieux’s photostream.

Image file specifications

Before final image selection is made the editorial team need to judge wether the desired photo really meets some criterias. Images being shared with editors should meet the following criteria.

  • Uploaded image size is 1,500 pixels on the longer side;
  • Moderately processed JPEG is allowed (NO cropping though);
  • NO added image border;
  • NO watermark and any text or logo on the image;
  • File name example: SteveHarris_AmeOyst_Florida_001_od3450x1978.jpg (‘od3450×1978′ refer to the original dimensions of the raw file);
  • Every file must be uniquely named;
  • Original photo had to be taken in RAW (some photographers still shooting in JPEG only).
  • When a photo is selected for being published a tiff file will be required, so the original file has to be large enough to get at least a 2,500px wide (or larger) photo in case of cropping needed.
Whimbrel : Iceland by Michael Milicia on

Whimbrel by Michael Milicia on Image legally was embedded from Michael Milicia’s photostream.

Purchasing photos
Every species account contains 5-15 photos, illustrating the life history, characteristics, habitat selection or behaviour of the given species.

Buying 1,600-2,500 images is beyond the budget of this privately funded project. For this reason, special payment methods are offered for the contributing photographers for the first volume only (about 300-500 photos).

Option 1

Supporting the volume 1 with free of charge photo(s).

Option 2

Selected high resolution image is provided by the photographer for the given volume at no upfront cost. $45/published image to be paid after sales of the Volume 1 starts. Payment have to be made within 8 months from actual publishing date.

Option 3

$10 upfront cost is paid for each selected high resolution image. An additional $25 to be paid after sales of the Volume 1 starts. Full payment have to be made within 8 months from actual publishing date.

Long-billed Dowitcher by Terry Sohl on

Long-billed Dowitcher by Terry Sohl on Image legally was embedded from terry Sohl’s photostream.

Registration for contributors:

The images posted here are samples of the styles and quality what we aim to publish. All photos are legally embedded from its original source, the

Terms and Conditions

  • Photos submitted to the Editor’s Dropbox folder won’t be used for any purposes other than building up the image portfolio for the handbook.
  • The Editors keep the right to create non-shared working folders with restricted access (species based) and copy pre-selected photos to relevant folders.
  • Editors might ask higher resolution samples after a photo was pre-selected for more critical decisions for final image selection.
  • Contributing photographers keep the right to update their own folder/portfolio any time with either deleting old images or adding new ones.
  • If a photo is pre-selected and copied to the relevant species folder but in the meantime the photographer deleted it from his or her folder, the Editor still can request that photo for publishing.
  • Photographers won’t get feedback of each photo pre-selected for making our final decision. However, the contributing photographer will be notified in general if any of his or her photo is pre-selected.
  • After final decision made Editor will contact the photographer for preparing the contract according to the registration details.
  • Only the registered and actually contributing photographers can participate (to be offered by the Editorial Team)  future photographic expeditions (funded by the project) for covering missing imagery of different species, plumage variations and habitats. Payment conditions for expedition photos will be discussed individually.


This document was last updated on 19 November 2016.

All rights reserved © Gyorgy Szimuly

10 responses to “Image Submission

  1. Hi, Gyorgy. You contacted me through Flicker. I´d like to send you some of my photos. Please, let me know the way to do it. You talk about the dedicated shared Dropbox folder created by the editor but I couldn´t find it. Thank´s. Ramón

  2. How do I upload the images? I registered via Google form long time back but could never upload any images. How do I upload the images???

  3. To save space on trips abroad, I use jpeg and not RAW, I have several good images, is jpeg acceptable?

  4. The fact that we need more books such as this esp on shorebirds is reason enough to participate… financially compensated or not. Share the joy I say… 😀

  5. Hi Gyorgy,
    I am very interested in participating in this project and have some what I believe to be high quality images of some of your listed high priority birds. My question is, how do I get some of my work to you? I do have a WordPress blog but not many of my shorebird photos are on it. Would it be best for me to create a blog with some pictures on it or would it be best to get them to you personally?

    I am hoping that I can partner with you in some capacity and that you find some of my images worthy as bird photography is one of my strongest passions.


    Jeff Galligan

  6. I sure hope that other photographers are able to see through this ruse of yours, Gyorgy. It’s easy to see that you want to be able to claim that you’ve ‘offered’ to pay for images but instead had them donated! There is no doubt in my mind that you will not even consider images from photographers that have chosen options two or three. Yet another author who undervalues the work of photographers and is not willing to pay for one of the most important parts of any wildlife publication. I’m always more than happy to donate my images to cause that is not-for-profit or is advocating for conservation or another good cause, but when it’s a commercial endeavour and the author is set to make a profit from the book sales, we deserve a cut. You wouldn’t hesitate to pay anyone else involved in the process.

    • You are more than optimistic Mr Venema in believing that I can get more than 1,500 free of charge. I doubt, I play a fair game, and was honest in talking about the financial background of this unconventional publishing project. You can call it ruse or whatever, but in fact we already have started paying for exceptional images. So, saying that I’m not willing to pay is more than a misjudgement. If any of the payment offers is accepted by a photographer that definitely helps the project. Of course my friends are not asking money for their photos, but that doesn’t mean those are free of charge. I will send the complimentary copies of the product which cost money. I kindly ask you not to guess things what you don’t have insight into.

      And I’m not talking about the donations this project is intended to offer. It is too early for that, but we are committed to support shorebird conservation.

      Have a nice day! 🙂

      PS: Forgot to mention that some of your excellent photos have been preselected for purchase. I hope you will be partnering.

      • I do humbly apologise for my comment, Gyorgy. You are right in saying that I have made judgements and jumped to conclusions when I haven’t had full knowledge of the situation. I didn’t completely understand the unconventional method of publishing used on this project either. Thank you for being honest and open, and for replying and addressing my doubts – it’s great to hear that you are willing to pay where required, and even better that you plan to use this project to support shorebird conservation! I also need to apologise for the language I used in my last comment – expressing doubts and concerns is one thing, but I was very accusatory in the words I used, so I’m sorry about that. I would love to partner with with you!

    • Daniel Venema I can fully understand your concerns. However, since I’ve looked into publishing works, and personally met a few authors who had to self publish their work, or even had their work published for them, I now know that only a few authors really make big money out of books. All the others barely break even. A good friend of ours, who had quite a few books published about dogs, died in utter poverty. With regards to books about shorebirds my estimate as a business professional is that the interest in those books is very limited and the authors may not be able to break even.

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