Unveiling the cover design and art of Volume 1

It’s been a while I have worked on the cover design of the first volume. Not because it was so difficult to find out how it should look like, but because it was hard to find out which species should be on it. Finally, we decided to pick two closely related and attractive Australian endemics, the Banded Stilt and the Red-necked Avocet. As for all the colour plates of the handbook series, the cover art of Volume 1 of the ‘Shorebirds: A Handbook of Shorebirds of the World‘ was created by our artist, Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok, a very talented Thai wildlife artist.


In the next few months we will design the cover of the rest of the volumes. The planned publication date of volume 1 is 24 April 2019. Stay tuned!

We reserve the right to change any part of the cover at any time before printing. All copyright and intellectual property rights of this site, including text, graphics, illustrations and images, belong to György Szimuly (unless otherwise stated).

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