Fair game with every partner

A slightly offensive comment on image submission from today forced me to write a short blog about the business behaviour in this project.

This is a private project – means, no publishing company have yet been involved in the make of the publication – with private funds. The entire project is dependent on a few players, like partners, contributors, authors, artists and of course investors. The project has been split into four major stages as this is a multi volume publication. If the management kills the trustworthiness in the first phase of the project simply by not paying for authors, photographers or artists, the project dies before the second volume could even be started.

Thinking that photographers, with free of charge photos, are queuing in front of the door, is more than an optimistic guess. We have limited budget for the first volume, but that doesn’t mean we want everything free. As a result of a more than a year long image search and communications with bird photographers, we now have an idea what we would like to see in the book. The majority of those photos are from bird photographers who have been invested bags of money into their gear and knowledge to be exceptional artist. I’m from that sector as well. We fully understand if they charge us for the used images. In a very few cases we already purchased images – what we believe unrepeatable – and yes, we also accepted free of charge photos from friends of us. We are happy to pay according to the options we offered.

I encourage every bird photographer to join us and choose one of the payment options.


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