Introducing: The Artist

It is a pleasure to introduce the artist of this project. Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok is an incredibly young and talented artist from one of most diverse corner of Thailand.

Ayuwat was born and raised in Chiang Mai and started birdwatching at the age of 11. At the same time, he also began to make sketches and notes of birds that he had observed. His subjects used to vary from dinosaurs, flowers to traditional Thai arts before began to take interest in drawing birds. With comments and suggestions from both friends and experienced wildlife artists in Thailand, he improved his skills effectively.

He travelled all around Thailand and other Asian countries for birds, mostly with his father and birders from Chiang Mai. He studied sustainable development in Japan and Germany from 2008–2014, and moved to Bangkok where he is working as a researcher. In the meantime he’s fulfilling his passion in bird illustration and birdwatching whenever he can. Currently, he’s also a member of the Thai Bird Records Committee as well as a committee member of the Lanna Bird and Nature Conservation Club.

Ayuwat joined the team past Summer and started working on the plates of the Volume 1 right away. His knowledge on Eurasian shorebirds definitely is a huge advantage, but forthcoming trips to new destinations will further increase his knowledge.


His personal photo reference collection is growing through his bird photography.


Ayuwat with the Northern Lapwing plate.


Chiang Mai is a perfect place to be born and to be raised. It’s incredible birdlife is touching every birdwatcher.


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