Shorebird photographs

One of the biggest challenges of this exciting project is to map ‘where we are’ at the moment. I have extensively browsed the internet to find shorebird photographs of outstanding quality species by species in the last couple of months. I certainly missed a lot of websites, but this project phase is not over yet.

Many excellent bird photographers have already showed interest in being a contributor. I have shared some more details about the photo collection, participance and species list to interested photographers.

Here is the iCloud document I have shared with the contacted photographers. Bird photographers are very welcome to read it and register interest via the attached Google form.

I’m thrilled to see that plenty of excellent bird photographers offered great support for nothing. For those who want to sell photos we have different payment options to choose from.

In the next couple of months a website will be created featuring an image submission solution.


One of our contributors, Attila Seprényi’s excellent photo of a Bar-tailed Godwit clearly represents the style of photographs we are looking for. © Attila Seprényi


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